DEEP was created to generate in-depth, accurate, auditable, real-time analyses of ESG impacts. We analyze the extent of the impacts of our clients’ entire value chain.

The #1 real-time Impact Management platform
DEEPVALUE is a fully integrated online platform that captures any and all data sources needed to calculate each impact generating factor - without the need for manual input - generating updated reports adapted to the specifics of each operation. A tailored solution for those who need a broad view of the impact management of their activities and their entire value chain, with complete, continuous and comparable analyses, 100% in line with the main global ESG standards.



DEEPVALUE is a fully customizable solution, which can be adapted to meet specific demands and needs, generating real-time reports that are aligned with global ESG disclosure standards (GRI, CDP, SASB, GHG protocol).


Real-time Strategic Impact Management platform

Reliable and accurate. Our cloud-based platform measures and informs in real time the impacts generated everyday. DEEPVALUE is an essential tool for creating an effective strategic impact management across finance, operations, sustainability, executive teams and stakeholders through the same sources of data.


Let's get to the point!

Analyzing all organizational and financial transactions, we are able to measure in real time the origin of each impact generating fact, contributing to the decision making process of leaders and managers, under a single source of information.

We offer a scientific, in-depth analysis, performed by experts, of the impacts’ origins, calculating Scopes 1 and 2 in an integrated and online manner, and Scope 3 in an innovative, automated, accurate, and auditable form.

DEEP Supply allows tracking the emissions of the entire supply chain, in a reliable and streamlined manner. We make the impact management of the entire chain more agile, reliable, safe, and auditable. We also empower suppliers to measure and inform their data in a standardized form, adapted to the contracting company's requirements.


The DEEP Card solution allows cardholders to receive information about their water and carbon footprint based on their consumption habits.

DEEP holds technology with proprietary calculation methods to measure consumption based on card transactions, brought in one clear and concise demonstration. Through this solution, consumers will be able to engage with social and environmental positive impact initiatives.



At DEEP we strive to understand data integration processes based on a deep care for customer support and information security. DEEP Integration Center was established to address governance, integration and monitoring of our client's data on our platform. It provides the technological framework to ensure our Information and Communication Security Policy to all our clients and partners, ensuring that customer data is used correctly and securely.