14 PhDs
and masters
20% of the team
100 +
340 +
Conducted inventories
52 K+


A Brazilian startup that develops technological solutions to measure the companies' and organizations' social and environmental impacts.


DEEP's platforms have been developed to facilitate the ESG journey in its various phases, delivering a granular view of impact information with detailed and auditable analyses, in compliance with all the main standards and disclosure frameworks in the market.


Our ambition to understand and measure the impact dimensions is driven by the belief that the impacts should have a central place in our decisions as a society.

Paulo Miranda
DEEP Co-founder



The DEEP Core technology present in DEEP's products uses its intelligent database, learning from each new customer, to deliver enriched data that is increasingly more relevant to users' insights

Smarter, data-driven decisions that really matter, with DEEP CORE.


ERP-integrated sustainability management platform


Inventory of emissions in a few clicks


ESG calculation of your company's portfolio to improve the PCAF framework score


Measurement of emissions resulting from payments made using card, instant payment (Pix), and bill of payment

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